Structural Steel Fabrication of Circular Platforms for Vessels in the Petroleum Industry

Circular Platforms
Circular Platforms

A customer in the oil industry needed a company with the experience and expertise to custom fabricate a series of circular platforms for vessels. TMI Contractors was contracted to perform the required work, which included complex detailing and precision structural steel fabrication. The platforms are to provide employees with a permanently fixed floor to stand on while accessing valves located at multiple levels along the vessel. Detailing was carried out utilizing advanced 3D modeling software, for shop drawings and field drawings. A number of processes and equipment were employed to accurately manipulate 3/8” to 1/4" thick rolled angle carbon steel to the exacting profiles. The part was galvanized and etched, over which a 2 part painting process was applied to achieve the OSHA safety yellow coloring. Painting yellow over galvanizing is a unique capability that we have become proficient at. Quality was assured with our 100% dimension and layout verification process, visual weld inspection and WFT and DFT paint readings.

The finished platforms had an outer diameter measurement of 15’. The project was detailed and fabricated in 5 weeks, and shipped to the customer in the Midwest. Units were preassembled before shipping; MIG welded and bolted as well as the installation of handrails and the circular welded grating. The assembly process was executed with zero fit issues. This was a cost effective solution for the customer with reduced labor in the field from our extensive in-house detailing fabrication, finishing, and assembly. For more information on this award winning circular platform project, or our other cost saving fabrication capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Structural Steel Fabrication Project Highlights

Product Name
Circular Platforms
Product Description
These platforms are circular and provide employees with a permanently fixed floor to stand on to access valves on piping attached to the vessel at multiple elevations. They use the caged ladders to get from one platform to another safely.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Structural Steel Fabrication
Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication
Structural Detailing

Painting (3-Part: Zinc, Epoxy, Urethane)
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
  • Ironworker for shearing parts.
  • Plasma/Oxy burn table for burning plate.
  • Roll/Bender for rolling angle for platforms and handrail.
  • Welders for tacking and fluxcore welding.
  • Mag drills with annular cutters for drilling holes.
Overall Part Dimensions
OD: Ø 15 ft.
Materials Used
Carbon Steel (Rolled Angle)
Thickness: 3/8” to 1/4"
Material Finish
Painted Handrail and Ladders
In process testing/inspection performed
100% Dimension and Layout Verification
WFT and DFT Paint Readings
Industry for Use
Delivery/Turnaround Time
  • 5 weeks
  • Shipped assembled with hand rail and grating installed
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
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